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Assisted Living Introduction (What is it?)


Assisted living is an industry term for multifamily housing with congregate and personal care services. Assisted living goes by many names, including some which are congregate care, personal care and residential care. Assisted living services include many different services including your basic daily living services such as housekeeping, meals and transportation as well as support for basic needs such as medication, laundry, groomingand other functions of daily living.

Special care units in some facilities care for individuals with cognitive impairment and respiratory assistance needs. Unless an assisted living facility is a component of a continuing care or "life-care" community, it does not offer the health care services of a nursing facility.


Assisted living facilities are known to provide three nutritious meals per day, supervision of medications, weekly housekeeping, and around the clock supervision.

Assisted Living or Assisted living facilities (ALF) usually refers to a non-medical facility that is used by people who are not able to live on their own, but do not need the level of continuous nursing care that a nursing home offers.

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