Learn more about Viatical life settlements and how to benefit from them. Senior Sanctuary guide for financial aid for Senior living and assisted living needs.

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For more information about financing options, life and viatical settlements, visit Welcome Funds, a Life & Viatical Settlement Broker..

Life Insurance and Viatical Settlements:

Life Settlements

A life settlement means you can sell your life insurance for the present value of the policy. This is usually done when the original reason why you bought your life insurance policy no longer exists. For example, you have a life insurance policy and you get divorce. You might be able to sell the life insurance policy for present value. The money from the sale can be used to pay for your long-term care needs.

To be eligible for this, you cant be ill and must be over age 70 (for females) or over age 74 (for males). In some situations, if your life expectancy is 12 years or less, a life settlement can be made at a younger age.

Viatical Settlements

If you are terminally ill or chronically ill, you might be able to sell your life insurance policy to another person (a third party). You usually have to sell your life insurance policy for a lower amount of the full face value. The amount that is paid is usually based on the remaining life expectancy of the insured (you). The death benefit usually ranges from 50 percent to 80 percent. When you die, the third party will get the full death benefit.

Before making a final decision to make a viatical settlement to pay for your long-term care needs, you may want to contact your State Attorney General Office or your State Department of Insurance.

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